Dr. Le Thai Hung

Dr. Le Thai Hung
Chief Strategy Officer of Ecosystem



Dr. Le Thai Hung currently holds the position of Director of Strategy at VNPT AI Ecosystem, a rapidly advancing information and communication technology (ICT) product and service ecosystem under the renowned VNPT (Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group).

With an extensive background encompassing a decade of professional engagement in the realm of information technology, Dr. Hung boasts notable experience garnered from his tenure at Works Applications, Works Human-Intelligence—an eminent Japanese enterprise specializing in ERP solutions.

Dr. Hung achieved the academic distinction of completing both a Master’s and Ph.D. in Information Technology from the esteemed University of Aizu in Japan. Notably, during his tenure, he served as the distinguished head of a prominent research group dedicated to the exploration of video compression and transmission technology across the vast expanse of the Internet. The groundbreaking endeavors undertaken by this research collective yielded a remarkable publication portfolio, comprising over ten scientifically rigorous research papers that have garnered widespread acclaim, evident through their citation count, which exceeds an impressive 500 citations.


Application of Artificial Intelligence to Drive Economic Development



The advent of data compression technology has ushered in a paradigm shift in our modes of interaction and work, spanning the transition from traditional postal correspondence to the realms of text messaging, telephony, and ultimately video communication.

Data compression enables the swift and seamless transmission of information, resulting in an unprecedented surge in task volume, which in turn heralds the dawn of the knowledge revolution. Within this transformative landscape, the assimilation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology compresses vast reserves of knowledge into the confines of an AI assistant, affording users the convenience of interaction through dedicated smartphone applications.

The profound impact of the AI assistant manifests in the reconfiguration of human labor practices. Tasks, now facilitated through human-AI collaborations, engender heightened labor productivity, streamlined expenditure, and catalyze robust economic advancement.

VNPT, at the vanguard of the digital transformation expedition, continues to spearhead the charge in this epochal knowledge revolution. Anchored by four pivotal pillars—namely, human resources, infrastructure, data repositories, and internal reservoirs—VNPT exhibits unwavering confidence in the development of AI assistants spanning diverse domains. Leveraging its formidable repository of diverse and substantial data resources, VNPT commits to sustained investments, aspiring to ascend to the mantle of a respected regional AI brand, proffering premium-grade AI products tailored to the requirements of both corporate entities and individual users.