Mr. Vu Anh Hung

Vietnam Account Executive, OEM Solutions,
Dell Technologie


Established the OEM business for Dell Technologies in Vietnam since 2015, he started and joined several initiatives such as Internet of Things, Smart-city, Safe-city, Industry 4.0, and recently Edge Transformation in Vietnam. He organized workshops in both big cities of Vietnam (Hanoi, Hochiminh City) for updating audiences about technology trending in computer vision, video analytics, AI applications, and so on.
Before Dell Technologies, he worked for Intel, IBM with multiple responsibilities such as Local OEM Manager, Channel Manager, Product Manager.


Edge Computing in an Edge-to-Cloud model for digital government


The pandemic is creating not only challenges for delivering government services but also opportunity to change the way these services can be provided to the public with the application of model work-from-anywhere. One of the keys is the move to edge computing, where processing power is pushed as close to the end-users as possible. We’re stepping into the data era, and data is generating at the edge. There’s a massive expense of transferring all data into a datacenter or cloud to do anything useful with it. Users don’t want to wait for data to travel across the country and back. Especially in national security or other remote applications where the network is possibly unreliable and where the effectiveness of government services or missions cannot be dependent on connectivity. We need the right computing and the right processing at the right place.