Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang

CEO & Partner, FPT Digital



CEO of FPT Digital.

Senior expert in the application of digital technology to drive innovation, enhance experience and improve operation while building enterprises’ core capabilities through roadmap and long-term vision.

16 years of experience in the IT industry as the chief architect and consulting chief for clients around the globe, leading enterprises to catch the future trends, towards building a digital solution system, catering to the needs for growth and breaking through.

Former FPT Software CTO and FPT Corporation Chief Digital Officer.

Some key projects in the past: Development of new digital transformation solutions, successfully led the implementation of digital transformation projects for enterprises of various industries such as retail, ICT, agriculture, manufacturing, distribution, media, education,… Building the digital transformation strategy for clients, designing and implementing digital services and capabilities including Cloud computing, mobility, Big data, AI, IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain, Robotics,… helping them analyze the technology application feasibility of the near and far future. Leading the operation innovating technology projects for Smart factories, UX/UI Center and R&D Lab. In charge of strategy and direction for product R&D, technology platform and digital service projects.