Mr. Nguyen Viet Chau

Head of Innovation Lab, Digital Banking Division, MBBank


Mr. Nguyen Viet Chau has more than 10 years of work experience in the technology and banking industries. He has implemented many strategic technology and digital transformation projects. He is an effective supporter with an open and flexible mindset. He is always the innovation leader and takes up challenging projects to achieve the diverse needs of customers.


Not only Digitize Banking products but also People of Transformation


The key to digital transformation in banking and finance is not a matter of technology or product digitization, but people and culture.
At MBBank, the executive board always makes decisions based on data and raises questions about the reliability of data. This has two effects: analysts must assess the potential risk of data bias; and it forces them to have a deep understanding of the model before making a judgment.
This is a culture for each individual to be creative. Besides that is networking. We connect people who are willing to do and to be brave for one goal – bring benefits to customers, put the customer as the focus.
Digitizing banking products is just one of the directions of MBBank in general and the Innovation Lab in particular. MBBank aims to not only digitize banking products, but also provide experiences and services to customers in a world that lacks satisfaction and compassion. And we believe we can do that very well.