Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh

Solution Engineer Manager, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric Vietnam



Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh is currently the Solution Engineer Manager of Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric Vietnam and responsible for building and managing the Solution Engineers Department. In his capacity, he works closely with the partners in designing, technology exchange, supporting for customers’ needs and requirements, training and developing resellers and partners on data center design, conducting vulnerability audits in the critical physical infrastructure of data centers.
Prior to joining Schneider Electric Vietnam, Mr Tuan Anh had over 20 years honing his technical skills and expertise with various companies, such as American Power Conversion (APC), Genpacific Joint Venture.


How to build a resilient IT infrastructure to support a Digital Government master plan? Best practices sharing from regional countries


Building an e-government aiming at a digital government and digital economy isa big strategy Vietnam is focusing on. In that aspect, IT infrastructure has a very important role to play in ensuring deployment speed as well as seamless data transfer and information security in sharing data among various information systems.

Over the past few years, IT and digitization has clearly impacted every aspect of human living. Especially in the covid pandemic, digitization adoption has happened faster than ever. Ensuring data centers, the heart of all digital services, operate continuously 24×7, any time anywhere is an essential requirement, especially in the roadmap towards an effective digital government.

In the past, building data centers often focused on on-site infrastructure, local management and operation. However, that we need to manage the uncertainty of the pandemic requires a more resilient process from design, equipment selection, operation model, maintenance methods, etc. Hence, remote management and deployment speed are 2 factors to be prioritised in the new normal situation.