Mr. Le Pham Minh Thong

Head of System Operating Center at VNPT Cyber Immunity, VNPT-IT



Mr. Le Pham Minh Thong is the Head of Security Operations Department at VNPT Cyber Immunity – VNPT IT Information Technology Company which is one of the leading information security solutions and service providers in Vietnam. He is in charge of managing and developing the Security Operations Center dedicated in prevention and investigation of cyber attacks to VNPT Group’s internal network and customers’ information systems.

He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of information security and information technology. He has directly participated in many governmental mega projects such as Vietnam National public service portal, Vietnam national report, Vietnam Data Exchange Platform, etc.

In addition, he is developing high performance cyber security solutions and services to complete the VNPT Cyber Immune System.


Sharing VNPT’s experience in ensuring information security for key national systems


  •  Current status and general situation of information security in the world and in Vietnam;
  • Statistics of some information security data of VNPT Group;
  •  VNPT’s role in national digital transformation (participating in digital transformation fields: e-Government, healthcare, education, …);
  • General model of VNPT’s information security ecosystem;
  • Share VNPT’s experience in ensuring information security for key IT mega systems;
    • Ensure in terms of design, architecture, policy
    • Technical and technological solutions
    • Operate, monitor, evaluate and test
    • Raise users awareness
    • CYBER-ATTACK rehearsals to improve skills;
  • Proposing coordination and information sharing among ISPs and organizations involved in ensuring information security in order to improve efficiency in incident response;
  •  Introduction of security services: VNPT MSS
    •  Description of solution service
    •  Benefits for business organizations
    •  Some customers are using.