Mr. Jay Qiu

Vice President, Overseas Business Center, HuaRay Technology Co.



Jay Qiu is the Vice President of Huaray overseas business center. He is an expert in machine vision and AGV fields, and has a strong experience both on technical and sales parts. He led the overseas business center success, deployed thousands of smart manufacturing systems solutions all over the world, and designed a global strategic layout to achieve rapid growth in annual sales.


Disruptive solutions for smart manufacturing


Zhejiang HuaRay technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company focusing on R&D, production, and sales of machine vision and autonomous robot (AMR) products and solutions. Concentrating on smart manufacturing and logistics, we have always insisted on satisfying customers’ needs, creating values to help customers reduce costs, and making factories smarter.

As a national high-tech enterprise, HuaRay has always insisted on technological innovation. More than 60% of our employees are dedicated to R&D, and the company has nearly 300 patent applications. HuaRay is a leading company in the industries of embedded software, image optimization, recognition algorithms, network transmission, navigation, positioning, scheduling, motion control, and other technical fields.

HuaRay’s products and solutions are widely used in the logistics, automotive, 3C, lithium battery, photovoltaic, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical industries. Our machine vision products include industrial area scan cameras, line scan cameras, smart industrial cameras, vision sensors, 3D industrial cameras, and lenses. These products have been used for code recognition, OCR, vision measurement, location, defect detection, and providing customers with one-stop product purchase. Our autonomous mobile robot (AMR) products include latent lift, towing, forklifts, and sorting robots, mainly used for logistics warehouse and material handling, to provide end-to-end intelligent handling solutions.

Relying on years of AI technology accumulation in the industrial field and the established industrial IoT ecosystem, HuaRay has been developing with the company’s technological advantages and continues to provide global customers with better products and more professional services. We have helped bring about the digitalization of industry and have become experts in improving industrial intelligence and efficiency

In this speech, our Vice President, Jay, will introduce Huaray to everyone, including our products and solutions. Successful cases and highlights of our business will also be described in this speech.