Mr. Duc Pham

Deputy CEO, Viettel Solutions – Viettel Group


Duc Pham is DCEO of Viettel Solutions – Viettel Group – The largest ICT company in Vietnam, member of National Committee on e-government. Viettel Solutions focused on providing consultancy and digital transformation service for Government agencies and big companies.
Duc Pham joined Viettel Group in 2009, assuming senior positions as CIO of Viettel Network, DCEO of Viettel Solutions.
Appointed to the role in 2019, Duc Pham is responsible for executing Viettel’s strategy which centres consulting and building e-government, Smart city for Provinces/Cities in Vietnam. Under his leadership, Viettel Solutions has consulted and built e-government architecture framework for more than 20 Government agencies. Besides that, Viettel Solutions also has implemented Smartcity solution for 30 Provinces/Cities across all regions of Vietnam.
Before becoming DCEO of Viettel Solutions, Duc Pham was Viettel Network’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), he has undertaken develop strategy and implement Digital transformation for Viettel Network. Thereby, he has changed the operation method of Viettel Network from decentralized to centralized for 11 Telcos of Viettel in Vietnam and overseas market (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Timor Leste, Haiti, Peru, Mozambique, Tanzania, Cameroon, Burundi)
Duc Pham has a Bachelor of Information Technology Engineer from American Liberty University, USA.


Building Digital Infrastructure supporting for the Industrialization and Modernization process


According to the National Digital Transformation Program, Digital Infrastructure plays a central and important role in serving Digital Transformation. Digital infrastructure ensures faster and more efficient deployment of applications and services.

Viettel is a pioneer unit in implementing national security and defense tasks, Viettel determines to build the digital infrastructure ecosystem including: (1) Postal and delivery infrastructure; (2) Information Security Infrastructure; (3) IoT infrastructure; (4) 5G, Broadband infrastructure; (5) Data center.

Viettel’s vision for digital infrastructure:

  • Shift to cloud and shared model: Telecommunication infrastructure will be transformed into digital infrastructure including telecommunications infrastructure and cloud computing.
  • Universalization of 4G/5G & smart devices: 01 smartphone per citizen
  • Broadband infrastructure development: Fiber optic broadband network infrastructure covers all communes.
  • Developing digital platforms / digital services