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UNISEM was established in 1988 and was the first company in Korea localizing GAS SCRUBBER with drastic investment and challenge. By establishing and supplying various product lines in the CHILLER market, we have established ourselves as a global partner company of domestic semiconductor manufacturers and leading overseas companies.
In order to keep pace with the required paradigm with the emerging new IT trends that convergence IT technologies with things and finance, in 2016 UNISEM established the IoT division. Now, UNISEM is a leaping forward company that provides various solutions and services in the areas of intelligent transportation, logistics, and biosecurity.
Product & Services
1. UniTraffic (Deep Learning-based Intelligent Transport System)
UniTraffic is a video analysis solution for traffic measurement and traffic law enforcement using Deep Learning-based Multi-Object Tracking technology. Due to video analytics which using video from CCTV installed on the road, not just measures traffic volume and classifies vehicles by class, but also detects violations made by both cars and motorcycles.
In addition, it provides statistics on traffic volume and violations to enhance the efficiency of traffic control, ultimately reducing traffic accidents and creating a pleasant traffic environment in the city.
In particular, UNISEM’s UniTraffic can detect recognize two-wheeled vehicles like a motorcycle and detect related violations exceeding the limits of existing ITSs. UniTraffic, is optimized for the global market and can be applied to any traffic environment.
Main Features:
– Video can be analyzed in real time by linking with RTSP information regardless of camera and NVR manufacturer which provides real-time surveillance of traffic conditions, efficient traffic management and prediction of traffic flows.
– Automated Violation Detection (traffic signal, lane, speeding, non-use of helmet, excess of passengers on the motorcycle, etc.) and license plate detection and recognition despite the differences in sizes of standardized plates.
– UniTraffic’s system has a dashboard where all traffic analytics gathered in one place, traffic flow, number of vehicles by type (car, motorcycle, van, truck, bus etc.), traffic volume by hour/day/week/month/year, number of traffic violation by type (non-use of helmet, excessive passenger on the bike, traffic signal, lane and speeding etc.) and by hour/day/week/month/year.
– UniTraffic also allows managing all equipment and devices of the traffic management system including cameras, sites, servers and users from web-interface to provide integrity and stable performance.
– Automated Issuance of Violation Ticket

2. UniFaceX (Facial recognition-based Control System)
UniFaceX is face detection and face recognition solution that can be applied to various fields. Face detection function provides excellent detection and accuracy rates from the front as well as from various angles (75-90 degrees). Therefore, various access control services such as visitor access management and visitor statistics data can be established using face recognition of visitors in public facilities and specific places. In addition, since UNISEM’s face recognition solution is specialized in Liveness, it has excellent security against face forgery (face photos, face videos, etc.).
UNISEM’s face recognition solution can be used not only for access control but also for tracking wanted people by providing Blacklisting function.
Main Features:
– Real-time face detection and tracking, excellent recognition accuracy rate and speed that surpasses the human eye through are not affected by internal/external factors such as gender/race/ age / facial expression change /angle/transformation/ illumination.
– Technology can distinguish the real live person from a person from photo or video (Liveness).
– Video tracking and replay function. When it is needed detected face can be saved to the database.

3. UniTracer (GPS Location Tracking System)
UniTracer is a GPS-based container location tracking system. GPS-equipped E-seal can be attached to the container to track its location and can be opened and closed only with a registered smart card, preventing cargo theft. This enables safe transportation of expensive and special cargo with a high risk of theft and can be used to control all cargo transportation in areas where theft is a frequent event.
Main Features:
– Real-time Location Monitoring via GPS (GLONASS, Galileo) and transportation route planning and cargo’s movement control via GeoFence.
– Authentication with NFC / Smart Bio card.
– Monitoring via Desktop or Mobile Devices (Android, iOS).
– Alert settings for breakage, shock, path deviation and other situations notifications.
Company News

This year in March our company supplied traffic flow measurement and illegal parking control system (UniTraffic) to Department of Transportation of Jakarta City, Indonesia.

By end of September, we are going to participate in Department of Transportation of Batu (Indonesia)’s Travel Time Information System project. We will provide traffic flow measurement and license plate recognition system(UniTraffic).