Address: No.102 Thai Thinh Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi
Tel: (84) 989162800
Website: http://holomia.com/

Holomia is a company specializing in Virtual Reality technology solutions which was established in 2016 and based on the experience of high-qualified staffs with a wide range of experience in implementing high-tech projects in Vietnam.
At Idea@showApec 2017 in Taiwan, Project HOLOCARE- Solution to connect global doctors with virtual reality technology for surgical consultation of Holomia won the “Best Investment Value Award”. Based on Virtual Reality Connect platform as the core of the products, Holomia has been developing other VR/AR applications in Education, Experience-based Travel, and Real Estate Advertisement.
After 3 years of establishment, Holomia has accompanied both domestic and international companies. Holomia has also brought the products to remote areas and hospitals for children living there to explore scientific knowledge or entertainment.

Product & Services

Edulab VR solves the problem of limited space and investing cost for experimental equipment. Students can learn and exchange in the virtual world that is still intuitive as in reality.
Edulab creates a digital twin of the real world and connects people in many places to:
    + Virtual operating room, virtual medical clinic for improving skills of trainees and medical workers.
    + Industrial factory for engineers and workers to practice according to the process.
In this event, Holomia will introduce a demo application in the Medical field to help students and medical workers learn the process and improve their skills.