Bkav Corporation

Address: Floor 2, HH1 Tower, Yen Hoa New Urban Area, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Tel: (84) 24 3763 2552
Fax: (84) 24 3868 4755
Website: http://www.bkav.com.vn/

Established in 1995, Bkav Corporation is the leading firm in network security, software, smartphone manufacturing and smart home. In the field of network security, antivirus and mobile security Bkav’s software has been present in more than 100 countries all over the world. The corporation has preeminent security experts. Bkav is known as the security firm to discover the first critical flaw in Google Chrome just days after its launch in 2008. Bkav was also the firm to trace the master server in Britain of unprecedentedly massive DDoS attacks targeting US and Korean governments’ websites in July, 2009.

Bkav Corporation is known as a manufacturer of security appliances such as intrusion prevention system Bkav Network Inspector, Bkav Antispam GW, Bkav WebSecurity Scan. Bkav is also providing collaboration software products (messenger, workflow management, mail, video conference).

In electronics industry, Bkav is a smartphone and smart home manufacturer. With Bkav SmartHome, every equipment in your house will be connected and controlled automatically based on smart context scenarios via touch screen or tablet, hence creating a convenient, safe and energy-saving living environment.

Product & Services

Bkav Smarthome:

This is the latest generation of smart home system in the world according to Gartner’s ranking criteria. Up to now, Bkav SmartHome has more than 10,000 customers.


– The most popular antivirus software in Vietnam with over 20 million users in 234 countries and territories, 86 million downloads.

– 5 consecutive years voted by the Vietnam Information Security Association – VNISA as the most popular Information Security Product.

– Revenue over 2000 billion.


– 300 research and development engineers in 10 years

– Launched for the first time in February 2015 at a leading exhibition technology CES, USA

– Up to now, 3rd generation has launched with total investment of more than VND 1,000 billion

– Target to lead the market in the next 5 years.

Security AI Camera software system

– “Security AI Camera Software System” – is a solution for analyzing and processing camera data, using artificial intelligence technology to automatically give warnings, analyzes and statistics to users.

– The system needs to ensure the camera is monitored automatically and continuously. When there is any abnormal behavior, it will alert the administrator or related parties right immediately.

– The support system for later investigation and video analysis is simpler and easier through video summary tool.

– The system supports decentralization at different levels for each user. Decentralization is carried out in groups and by the system administrator through the intuitive software interface.