Weshare Group

Address: Tower A, Lingzhi Central Plaza, Aobei Science Park, No. 1 Baosheng South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Tel: 024 7300 2408
Website: https://www.weshare.com.cn

Established in 2014, Weshare Group (the group) is committed to better connecting the world with technology, driven by its continuous exploration of the fintech frontiers and innovation in areas such as big data and artificial intelligence (AI).
Underpinned by its big data-enabled risk management and AI capabilities, the group operates six business segments including smart wealth, consumer installment loan, digital finance, financial supermarket, Weshare Cloud and overseas business.
With full coverage of the entire fintech value chain, it also manages a dozen of business platforms such as Lightning Borrowing, Weshare Wealth Management, Lightning Lending, Zhang E Loan, Zhang Buy Mall, Dana Rupiah (Indonesia), iDong (Vietnam), PondoPeso (Philippines) and Восход Деньги (Russia).
Product & Services
Anti-fraud system
Build over 10 anti-application fraud models with our own data and by working with third-party credit investigators, and accumlated strong anti-fraud and filtering capabilities.
Transaction risk identification and processing system
User positioning and monitoring in the course of the transaction, risk models for more than 80 transaction behaviors, blocking suspicious transactions in real time.
Prediction model and big data scoring
– Over tens of millions of users provide data points to conduct user profiling and scoring Multi-dimensional credit evaluation models and risk control.
– Build over 280 credit risk management models in order to assess risk levels and predict payment overdue.